To get the necessary software, you can browse me, the folder is called "Video Editing Software" and there
are the 2 programs you need.
ImTOO DVD Ripper Platinum + key.rar ===> install normally
To work with this program, go here for a guide with
easy, large ;) pictures. Or go to to see a very shortish
youtube vid on how to work with this.
It's basically opening the DVD with the ImTooRipper, then save as AVI-file here is a better guide,
just ignore the Portugese and you'll be fine (unless you understand Portugese, of course ;))
Okay, in Imtoo:
1. Open the DVD with 'File | Add DVD Folder' then scroll/browse to your DVD-drive (click OK where
2. Now, in the center screen you will see a list of titles.
3. Put it in [Show Chapters] mode with the button to the left of the red button.
4. Deselect all (tickbox under {Album} in upper left corner of the GUI), then select just the last
chapter of episode S04E06. This will be under Title 6, if its the 6th episode on the DVD
5 On the righthand side, you can adjust the settings. Leave everything as is, except for the Audio
Bitrate, you might wanna set that to 192.
6. Set the destination folder to somewhere you can find it. It's on the bottom of the interface.
7. Press the RED button to start ripping (or recording as they call it) and that's it!
8. Please tranfer that file into a folder where you put your normal Soulseek shared files.

The resulting file should be 10 MB in size, AT MOST.  it's about 1mb or 2 mb per minute, and you can
share that one
you don't actually need VirtualDub since I now realize that the resulting file will be small enough for
it not to matter.
However if you just wanna rip the audio out of the AVI-file with VirtualDub, do thise:
Open the file with VDub, then choose Save as WAV, browse to a folder you can find back and hit OK.
sorry to fill up your screen so much!! ;)
to rip the audio with VirtualDub, if all the above is unclear, here's another youtube vid to clarify it: but watch that from 1:33, and ignore all the stuff about slow-
motion etc. ;) ===> doesn't need installing, just unzip into any folder you like,
could be C:\Desktop\VirtualDub or whatever.