"Against the odds of rigid teen social mores..."  What? Are you serious? Did you even see this film, even?

I mean, against the odds, how? There's NO boiler-plate-US-teen-movie/high-school-pecking-order-group-dynamics going on in this film, none whatsoever. You've established already that Floriane is an outcast, but within the group. Marie is ignored by the synchronized swimmers, or rather, she ignores them. So, how this rigid teen social mores thing springs up in your mind .... it's beyond me.

Believe it or not, but French / European high school actually have a completely different dynamic from US schools and US styled pecking orders don't exist. The concept of popularity is not foreign to us, but it's quite different from the American rules, and it's not at ALL tied to sports.

You might have confused this film with Fucking Åmål, but I don't see how could you could've done that, since there's no swimming whatsoever in Fucking Åmål.

Also: Sure, Anne has the hots for François, sure, but nothing is said about HER virginity. She has no hopes of him, she knows it's unrealistic. She can only dream about being with him, in whatever fashion possible.

Ooh, American reviewers, are so stuck in their own little worlds of cheerleader highschool queens and jock kings and everybody else being subservient!!! Will they ever escape that? That has got toe be the title of my next film:

"The Great Escape of Even Liberal American Reviewers from the Tyranny of the Jock-Cheerleader frame-of-reference." If even liberals are so shallow that they don't even know the most basic of facts about their sister culture Europe, we're all doomed ...

I'm now wondering whether the subtitles were that bad, or the reviewer that hurried or blind...