Move the page from left to right to see the whole picture


After installing Soulseek, most likely the main window will look like this:

Itís divided in four parts.


Your downloads


Your uploads


The Userlist


The Rooms list


If it does NOT show the Userlist, go to STEP TWO.

If it DOES show the Userlist, go to STEP 3




If the Userlist is not shown, bring it up by just clicking the button at the red 1.


If you don't see a Userlist button (utmost right button),

You canclick View, at the red 2. then click View Userlist


On the right hand side you'll see an empty vertical-ish space, this is your Userlist


Itís best to hide the Rooms list, do this under View, at the red 2. then click View Room list

It will toggle it away.


a. Rightclick anywhere inside the Userlist area, and choose Add to list from the menu

b. Fill out my name in the Add User-box: ZazieSplunk and click OK.



Rightclick my name in the Userlist and choose Send Message (Itís in the 3rd section, first option. Or 7th option from the top.)

This will open a new Window inside Soulseek itself, which is the chat window.


In the example picture, Iíve done just that, assuming your Soulseek name would be Malik


Now type Ďhelloí or something equally dorky in the lower horizontal box ;).

IfI'm not sleeping you should hear immediately from me.