Now may I say to you friend, there is nothing wrong with a beat
it's used in every type of song whether
it's a march, a waltz, a polka, a tango
but rock and roll is a different type of thing
for it is a mixture and conf u u u sion of beats that jangles the nerves

the impulsive beast of our bodies -
the spirit of pure unprovoked music
has been domesticated for profit
what music must give birth to ORGASM and REVOLUTION ?
The heavy rock music now in style
motivates you internally
gives you a SEXUAL feeling
a girl can be turned on by the music
and   r e l e a s e s   her inhibitions
the BEAT of the drum has always been a factor, a part of fertiliy rates - you cannot mix them
a girl realizes her sexuality through the music and the BEAT!

but they said there was something that got to them
more than the words of the songs
and it was the beat! the BEAT!

louder and faster!
louder and faster!
louder and faster!
louder and faster!
it hooks young people
and they become a part of this generation
and their lives are RUINED!
until they can shake themselves of this filthy beat and music and words that produces
revolution, sex and drugs

the same beat produces the same evil inclinations
even if we tie the word " Jesus Saves" to it
lets have our life and get rid of this trash

smash those filthy records, get rid of them

This is the second track on DJ Shadow's single High Noon released in 1997.

DJ Shadow isn't without a sense of humor and ironically plays a sample of a zealous preacher condeming music and adds a fast backbeat. I have no idea who the preacher is, but I'm guessing this sample was recorded some time in the late 70s to mid-80s.