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The Republican Wife-Cheating
Hall of Fame

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The Internet Web Page Considered "Public Enemy
Number One" by the Hypocritical Republican Party!

Many toothless, militia-sympathizing morons like to believe that Democrats somehow own the franchise on wife cheating, probably because of the legend of John F. Kennedy and the "Bash-Clinton" psycho cottage industry which employs retard inbreds like Kenneth Starr and Paula Jones' attorneys. But when you tally the facts, there are a huge number - more than three times as many Republicans who have cheated on their wives than Democrats. Let's count up the Randy Right Wingers......

Don't forget - Republican women can be adulterous, too! There are lots of cheating Republican ho's on our list!

Rep. Susan "Congressional 'Ho" Myrick

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The Republican Adultery
Honor Roll of Shame:

Rep. Henry Hyde girl1.gif (19166 bytes) Broke up a family during his seven year adulterous affair!
Mike Bowers girl1.gif (19166 bytes) Cheated on his wife for FIFTEEN YEARS!
George Bush girl1.gif (19166 bytes) Linda Tripp says had he an affair with a woman named "Jennifer"
Newt Gingrich girl1.gif (19166 bytes) Dumped his ex-wife while she was in a hospital bed suffering from cancer....
Bob Dole girl1.gif (19166 bytes) Cheated on his first wife with his current wife, Elizabeth Dole.
Former Rep. Bob Dornan girl1.gif (19166 bytes) Reported to have cheated on and beaten his wife.
John Linder girl1.gif (19166 bytes) Has a wandering eye for his female staff members.
Ronald Reagan girl1.gif (19166 bytes) Dumped Jane Wyman by cheating on her with several Hollywood starlets
William Cohen girl1.gif (19166 bytes) Dumped his white wife for a new black one.
Guy Millner girl1.gif (19166 bytes) Has been married three times, partly because he has sex with women he isn't married to....
Rush  Limbaugh girl1.gif (19166 bytes) Fat as he may be, he cheated on two of his three wives...
Mitch Skandalakis girl1.gif (19166 bytes) Hired hookers from his Las Vegas hotel room!
Michael Deaver girl1.gif (19166 bytes) Was so drunk he doesn't remember hiring hookers...
John Warner girl1.gif (19166 bytes) Dumped his wife for Elizabeth Taylor...
Bill Randall girl1.gif (19166 bytes) A Florida Congressional candidate and minister, he fathered an illegitimate child during his affair!
Bill McCartney girl1.gif (19166 bytes) Promise Keepers founder who didn't keep his Promise to his wife and then lied about it for 20 years!
Rep. Dan Burton girl1.gif (19166 bytes) Had at least six adulterous affairs, and fathered a bastard son who, today, he ignores!!
Rep. Bob Barr girl1.gif (19166 bytes) Cheated on all three of his wives - and coerced one into having an abortion - then lied about it!
Rudolph Giuliani girl1.gif (19166 bytes) Boffs his assistant in Gracie Mansion while his wife stays home with the kids!
Sen. Strom Thurmond girl1.gif (19166 bytes) Cheated on his fourth wife at age 88!!
Gilbert Davis girl1.gif (19166 bytes) Paula Jones' attorney, who allowed himself to be videotaped DrUnK during his adultery!
Bob Packwood girl1.gif (19166 bytes) Drank huge amounts of hard liquor and then tongue-kissed his female staffers against their will!
Gov. Kirk Fordice girl1.gif (19166 bytes) Got so hopped up by his mistress that he crashed his Jeep Cherokee and got himself hurt!
Beverly Russell girl1.gif (19166 bytes) The Christian Coalition coordinator who molested his stepdaughter Susan Smith, who later killed her own kids.
Marv Albert girl1.gif (19166 bytes) Calls himself a Republican, bites his longtime mistresses, and has sex with her while wearing women's panties!

Other Horny Republicans:

N.C. Rep. Sue Myrick - Who cheated on her husband and left him for another man!

LA. Rep. Bob Livingston - The GOP Speaker-to-never-be, who cheated on his wife Bonnie - with at least four women!

Michael Huffington - The Former GOP Congressman who cheated on his wife Arianna - with other men!

Oklahoma Lt. Gov. Mary Fallin - Who had an adulterous affair with her Security Guard - a state trooper!

Rep. Helen Chenoweth - Who screwed most every married male member of the Idaho Legislature!

The Charleston County, S.C. Solicitor, a Republican, who had an extramarital affair - a GAY affair with another man.....

Jim Bakker - Who eventually got locked up in chains and sent to federal prison.

Jimmy Swaggart - Who broke down crying after he got busted with an ugly hooker!


We really should mention John Tower, the infamous alcoholic woman-chasing midget U.S. Senator, but he's dead, so he doesn't count!

Honorable Democrat Mention

President Clinton, who allowed himself to be the benficiary of fellatio from a fat chick. Big Freakin' deal.....

Rep. Joe Kennedy, who took his cue from Master Mike Bowers and "came out of the closet" a while back with that unbelievable and totally shocking revelation that yet another Kennedy had engaged in an Adulterous affair. I was floored when I heard that. Joe also was forced to come clean for fear of doesn't that sound like someone we all know????

Sen. Ted Kennedy, who crashed his car with his mistress and drowned her.

Rev. Henry Lyons, the President of the National Baptist Convention, who bought a Rolls Royce and a Mercedes and a $700,000.00 house with his mistress, which his wife tried to burn down.

Colorado Governor Roy Romer, the head of the Democratic National Committee, who recently admitted a longtime but "non-sexual" (yeah.....right!) relationship with his top aide.

So if you are a female, beware in the presence of Republicans. Statistically, there is a 33 to 10 likelihood that you will be propositioned by one of them, and at least two of them will be stinking drunk - and two of them will be GAY! Somebody really ought to do something about the "Party of Family Values!" They're simply too horny!

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